Welcome to the official site for Bristol University’s Feminist Society. Please get in touch with us whether you are an individual or fellow society, both in and outside of the University: bristolfeminists@gmail.com

The Bristol University Feminist Society was founded in 2009, and went on to win Best New Society and Best Campaign event of the year in 2010.

The aim of our society is to raise awareness, and campaign against gender inequality, from all levels- whether it be in regards to the university, the UK, or global issues. We hope the society provides a space suitable for those situated anywhere on the feminist spectrum, from those that question why there’s a gendered pay gap to subscribers of the f-word blog.

It’s important to remember there is much diversity amongst feminist opinions, and the society aims to facilitate healthy discussion and to further understanding. Beneath it all, a recognition of the damage that patriarchy does to both men and women underpins our feminist thought and action, and we must continue to stand up to this despite a climate of belief that feminism is dead.

Feminist groups are a fantastic way to meet people, to make change and to stand up for what you believe in. With a bi-annual magazine, radio show and regular meetings, discussion groups and film nights, I hope you’ll get involved with us here at Bristol University.

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