bfThe aim of our society is to raise awareness of feminist and intersectional issues and campaign for the end of the systemic inequalities which facilitate and catalyse them. Whether issues affect billions or solely Bristol, we hope to combat inequality in as many big and small ways as we can. We want our society to provide a safe space suitable where members of oppressed and marginalised groups (and their allies) can openly discuss feminism, co-ordinate activist efforts and create a supportive and caring community.

As if its role as a platform for engaging with the discourse of an important cause isn’t enough, Bristol’s FemSoc is a fantastic social opportunity, offering you the chance to meet like-minded people who have also chosen to join a community which revolves around support, justice and progress. With our bi-annual magazine That’s What She Said (find out more here and visit the online incarnation here), a Burst radio show named FemFM, regular meetings, discussion groups, film nights and club nights, you’ll never run out of ways in which to contribute towards the feminist cause whilst making great friends within a great community.

While we can help you out with your questions about feminism, for everything else there’s our wonderful sponsor, Studypool.


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