Pads for Refugees!

Bristol FemSoc’s biggest campaign is currently in the midst of our intensive collection month, aiming at collecting as many sanitary pads as possible in November! Look

Facebook page

out for collection points all over campus and donate whatever you can!

To find out more about how to get involved and why FemSoc thinks this is important:

“The Pads for Refugees campaign is a campaign set up by the Feminist Society to allow students to easily donate sanitary products. Through coordination with local refugee collection groups, these pads are then sent off to vulnerable menstruating people in refugee camps across Europe and Syria. The campaign was started last year, and after great success we are now aiming to make it bigger and better, and ultimately supply more sanitary products to those who need them most. The Pads for Refugees campaign really comes down to our belief that every human deserves the dignity of access to sanitary products, wherever or whoever they are.” – Charlotte Lewis (campaigns officer) 


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